What Is Hot Water Extraction?

Understanding Hot Water Extraction

Hot Water Extraction

Hot water extraction is a carpet cleaning method. In this method, hot water is mixed with cleaning detergents using a hot water extraction machine. When the mixture is ready, it is then injected into the carpet fibre at high pressure. The vacuum in turn collects all the dirt which is lifted high by the pressure.

Although sometimes referred to as steam cleaning, hot water extraction is different from steaming. Hot water extraction uses hot water to dissolve impurities before sucking them up.

Important tools used in water extraction technique

1. Hot water extraction machine

These range from a small size to large. It all depends on the size of the carpet and your preference.

2. Gallon pump sprayer

This is for pre-spray purposes in areas with spots and places of high traffic.

3. Carpet drying fans

These are meant for faster drying of the carpets.

Steps to Follow During Hot Water Extraction

i) Vacuuming

Vacuum the area with the carpet thoroughly before the process begins. This helps to remove dirt that was not sticking to the carpet fibre.

ii) Prepare the solution

Fill the solution tank with the required amount of hot water. Pour the required solution of the detergents into the hot water. Remember to use the measuring equipment to avoid poor quality solutions.

iii) Collect the de-foam product

After forming the de-foam product, collect it in the collection tank before filling it into the spraying tanks.

iv) Fill the pump-up sprayer

First, ensure to fill the pump with warm water. Add the mixed detergent to the warm water ready to spray.

v) Starting area

Spray the carpet in small portions. Do not over-spray unless in stained areas. Always give the carpet the dwelling time before collecting the solution.

vi) Drying the solution

Use the backwards and suctioning method to dry the solution from the carpet.

vii) Repeat the process

Repeat the drying process at least twice to ensure the carpet gets rid of excess moisture from the fibres.

viii) Vacuum

If the carpet is still damp, use the vacuum to remove extra moisture. This aids in the drying process.

Repeat the same procedure to all other portions of the carpet without skipping a single part. Inspect your work to avoid mistakes such as over-spraying and skipping some areas.

The result of this process will be a well-cleaned carpet. Even though it may take a little bit longer to dry, the carpet will have attained a very clean look.

Carpet Cleaning Machine

Important Things to Know About Hot Water Extraction

Hot water extraction is not the same as steam cleaning

Although many people confuse the two methods as one, they are completely different. In hot water extraction, hot water mixed with detergents is used to clean a carpet. While in steam cleaning, steam gas is used to clean a carpet. 

How does the process of hot water extraction work?

Using high-pressure machines, hot water with appropriate solutions is propelled into the carpet fibres. Through this process, all the dirt that had attached itself to the fibres of the carpet loosened and collected in the form of a solution. Apparently, most carpets look clean but they are very dirty. The process aids in removing all the dirt that lurks deep inside your carpet layers.

Professional cleaners are more effective than DIY

Well, hiring a machine and cleaning for yourself is relatively cheaper. However, you can never compare self-cleaning to professional cleaning. The professionals are well trained to use high-pressure tools. 

If you want better results, go for truck-powered equipment

This equipment is more powerful. Thus water is able to penetrate deeper into the carpet and remove all the impurities. It is also perfect for mixing the required agents. So, the cleaner has easier work especially when cleaning areas with stains.

Clean your carpet more often

Most people only call for professional cleaners when the carpet is extremely dirty, stained and worn out. If you ever want your carpet to remain clean, beautiful and last long, clean it often. Soil debris and dust are sworn enemies to your carpet durability. 

Advantages of Hot Water Extraction

Thorough clean

Hot water extraction is the most effective method of carpet cleaning. The hot water pressured into the dirty carpet dissolves all the dirt such as dust particles. After that, it sucks them and dries the carpet using the vacuum cleaner. The final results are an amazingly clean and beautiful carpet. 

Fewer residue

When cleaning a carpet using shampoo or dry-cleaning agent, there is a possibility of leaving a residue of the cleaning agent. Conversely, when using hot water extraction, there is little to no agent used. This means that your carpet remains clean and free from residues after cleaning.

Environmentally friendly

Unlike other cleaning methods, hot water extraction uses environmentally friendly products. It causes no harm to people with allergies. Neither can it harm your pets. Additionally, the use of friendly chemicals means the carpet will last longer. 

Disadvantages of Hot Water Extraction

Long period to dry

If the moisture is not well sucked from the carpet, it is possible for the carpet to take a little bit longer to dry. And if not well dried, it will definitely cause a foul smell in the house. That is why it is advisable to hire professional cleaners when it comes to hot water extraction.

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Is hot water extraction the same as steam cleaning?

No. These are two different methods with different tools and processes. In hot water extraction, hot water is used to clean a carpet whereas, in steam cleaning, steam is used.

Is hot water extraction best for all carpets?

No. The method is good especially for carpets made of fibre. The hot water needs to sip into the carpet fibre so as to dissolve and dislodge all the impurities hidden in the deepest layers. So, it cannot be perfect for nylon carpets. 

Is hot water extraction effective in killing germs?

Yes. The hot water can kill several pathogens and allergens hidden inside a dirty carpet. However, it comes second when compared to steam cleaning. Steam is a better carpet sterilizer compared to hot water. 


If you want to keep your home sterilized and deodorized, consider hot water extraction. The hot water used effectively kills bacteria and germs inside the carpet. Then during vacuuming, they are sucked up leaving your carpet clean and disinfected.