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Are you looking for an affordable carpet cleaning company? Our Croydon carpet cleaners are trained and experienced. Whether you need cleaning in your home or commercial property we can help. NO1 Carpet Cleaning Melbourne is dedicated to providing amazing customer service each and every time. We provide hot water extraction and dry cleaning for the ultimate cleaning of your carpets and rugs. With over 20 years industry experience we can clean and remove any type of stained carpet. We will have your carpets odor-free and in mint condition. We are a locally owned and operated carpet cleaning company that is fully licensed. All of our technicians carry Public Liability Insurance up to $20 million. We pride ourselves on 100% satisfaction. If for any reason you are not completely pleased with our service, we will fix it for you.

The Importance Of Regular Carpet Cleaning

  • Allows warranty evaluation 

Some carpet and rug stores require that you professionally clean your carpet every one or two years for a warranty to apply. When you buy a carpet that offers a 100% money-back guarantee or guarantee after a few years, it usually applies under the condition that you routinely clean your carpet professionally. If you don’t, you can’t ask for your money back or a replacement.

  • Removes odor, dirt, and bacteria

Beverage spills and pet mishaps buildup to give carpets odor and faint mustiness. Routine carpet cleaning with special products will eliminate odor to keep your home smelling fresh and clean. Apart from odor removal, deep cleaning your carpet is the only way to eliminate bacteria and dirt.

  • Stain removal 

There are different methods to clean different types of stains. Even with effort, some stains won’t still come off with DIY methods. As a result, you will need to call a professional carpet cleaner. Even when you are not sure if the stain will come off, professional cleaners increase the chances of success.

  • Eliminates traffic lane effect

Over time, the part of your carpet with a high volume of foot traffic will start getting darker. For example, the part of the couch where you place your feet, entrance walls, stairs, etc. professional carpet cleaning will restore the shaded lanes to their original color without needing to replace them.

Steam Cleaning

Our steam cleaning solution is one of the most effective deep-cleaning options for dirty and stained carpets. Unlike many methods, it combines chemicals and hot water to clean deep within the carpet fibers. It also aids in loosening contaminants, grime, bugs, and allergens. Steam cleaning also aids the removal of pollutants, mold, and allergy prevention. We offer pre-inspection to determine the type of carpet and stain to treat. After determining the best approach, we deep clean without our special hot water extraction method.

Dry Cleaning

At NO1 Carpet Cleaning, we use the dry-cleaning method to clean carpets so that you can use them immediately. Where you don’t have the luxury of waiting for the carpets to dry, we use machines that allow low or no moisture to remove stains, dirt, and sand from the carpets. For flexibility, we can use either a simple dry-cleaning compound, encapsulation method, or vinegar and baking sugar. Our dry-cleaning methods are environmentally-friendly and safe.

Rug Cleaning

Restore your rug’s old shine with our steam and dry rug cleaning techniques. Depending on the rug type and extent of stain, our cleaners will use the appropriate method to remove stains. We clean all rug types regardless of the size and shape. Thanks to our industry-power equipment and experience, we remove 99% bacteria from rugs with only natural detergents. In essence, our methods are safe around people with breathing difficulties.

Upholstery Cleaning

Our team will clean your upholstery fabric and leave it refreshed and sanitized. We have a reputation for providing affordable and top-quality services. Whether residential or commercial, we clean modern and traditional upholstery, automotive upholstery, and marine upholstery. Our cleaners are skilled and have the necessary equipment to complete the job. As a result, we won’t only clean your upholstery, but we will leave them smelling nice, clean, and looking fresher.

Residential Carpet Cleaning Croydon

NO1 Carpet Cleaning offers various cleaning services for residential homes. These include carpet cleaning, rug cleaning, tile and grout cleaning and carpet stain removals. We also use different methods like hot water extraction or dry cleaning to get rid of tough stains and dirt to leave your home cleaner than we met it. Depending on your service need, our cleaners will determine which specific technique to use to extend the life of your carpet or rugs and reduce health risks.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Croydon

We are proud to say that NO1 Carpet Cleaning is an award-winning cleaning franchise business that specializes in different aspects of commercial and residential cleaning. Our commercial carpet cleaners remove tough and stubborn stains from carpets and eradicate the unpleasant smell. Not only this, but our services are so flexible to allow you to make a reservation for daily, weekly, or monthly cleaners. Regular carpet cleaning provides a welcoming environment for your customers, and a well-presented interior is great for boosting productivity and morale.

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Regular tile and grout cleaning is a sure way to prolong the longevity of your stone surfaces. Apart from this, it improves hygiene by removing bacteria and dirt. In essence, our tile and grout cleaning services offer health and financial benefits. We use the right product and technique to reduce the risk of damaging your surfaces. We also use high-quality equipment that guarantees effective and fast results.

Reasons to Choose Us

  • IICRC Certified Technicians
  • Public Liability Insurance Up To $20,000,000
  • Especially Trained Carpet Cleaners
  • Eco-Friendly Products
  • Firm Estimate With No Hidden Charges
  • Convenient, On-Time Appointments
  • Professional Stain Removal
  • Free Consult and Quotes
  • Competitive & Affordable Pricing
  • Complete and Lasting Deep Clean

What We Do

  • Carpet Cleaning Croydon
  • Commercial Carpets Croydon
  • Area Rug Croydon
  • Mattress Cleaning Croydon
  • Furniture and Upholstery
  • Tile & Grout
  • Pet Odor & Stain Removal
  • Spot and Stain Removal
  • Bond Cleaning
  • Deodorizer & Sanitizing

Customer Reviews

Friendly and proactive service 

Peter from No1 Carpet Cleaning did an excellent job of removing stains and washing our carpet. He was also very thorough, professional, and proactive. I will definitely want to work with him or the company again and recommend you to my friends. 

Excellent service 

The guys turned up a few minutes early and finished their tasks in less than an hour without compromising quality. Now, our carpet smells clean and fresh. The company also offers a good price for our carpets. Great job. 

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Do you desperately need cleaning services for your property in Croydon? NO1 Carpet Cleaning Melbourne offers residential and commercial cleaning solutions to protect your precious rugs and carpets. Our operation is certified and licensed, and our cleaners carry public liability insurance to guarantee your satisfaction. Call 03 8595 9900 for free estimates. We clean carpets, rugs, mattresses, furniture and upholstery, tile and grout, in all surrounding suburbs at:

  • Croydon, Croydon Hills, Croydon North
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  • Other suburbs in the City of Maroondah

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