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Looking for an affordable leather sofa cleaning service in Melbourne? We can help you.

leather sofa offers unmatched comfort, elegance and class to elevate any living space. If appropriately maintained, leather will last a lot longer than your average fabric sofa. However, over time perspiration, spills, stains and skin acids take their toll. While regular leather cleaning can help maintain your furniture’s beauty, nothing can match a professional cleaning service’s quality and experience.

At NO1 Carpet Cleaning, our dedicated specialists provide Melbourne residents with a high-quality service that cleans and protects leather to ensure it stays supple, soft and fresh. We offer professional cleaning solutions to both residential and commercial clients that go far beyond a deep clean. We’ll also restore the quality of the leather so that it looks showroom new.

Why Use Leather Cleaning?

Why Use Leather Cleaning?

As essential as bathing is to human beings, so is cleaning to leather. Unfortunately, cleaning leather upholstery barely comes to mind because it may not seem necessary to some. A lot of people tend to forget that leather upholstery is prone to germs and bacteria. Try to prioritize cleaning your leather periodically.

Leather cleaning is also a very good way to maintain your leather furniture. If you are planning to use your furniture for an extended period, consider cleaning them frequently.

Conscious of this fact, we offer top-notch cleaning services that guarantee the longevity of your furniture and the users’ safety alongside. What we do is revitalize and resuscitate your upholstery. We leave them spotless and without blemish using quality products and top-notch service. Regularly cleaning your furniture is equivalent to you maximizing the investments you made on them.

Benefits Of Leather Cleaning

Benefits Of Leather Upholstery Cleaning

Leather cleaning helps you have a better user experience with your furniture. Also, it boosts the confidence you have in your sofas as we use eco-friendly products on them. Some of the benefits of upholstery cleaning are:


Cleaning leather is a way of maintaining hygiene and a method to do a check on the upholstery. Cleaning provides them with the ability to withstand wear, damage, and pressure which makes the furniture last longer. It also helps to keep the furniture in good condition all the time

Elegance and style

With our specialized treatments that suit all furniture leather types, your furniture will remain clean and sparkling. This sparkling furniture adds color, grace, and elegance to the room, enhancing the overall look of the room since furniture plays a major role in the home/office decor.


Using quality conditioners, eco-friendly products, and professional handling, our service keeps your sofa and other leather upholstery soft and smooth. Contrary to the hard and cracked leather surfaces that make the body ache and uncomfortable, cleaning gives a gentle moisture to the leather and comfort to the body.

Good hygiene

Leather sofas houses more germs and bacteria that you can imagine. For example, we place unsterilized items on them, our unwashed and not sanitized hands, bags from malls and schools, even pet droppings, intentionally or accidentally. As a result, leather upholstery houses more germs than most parts of the house. We use antiviral sanitation to kill germs. In addition, we also steam clean leather to give the bacteria no chance of survival and keep the leather beautiful and hygienic.

Gets rid of unpleasant smell

Upholstery retains and houses different unpleasant smells. Most people are oblivious of this fact and end up having an untraceable lingering smell in the room. Not only do we clean, but we also deodorize, freshen, and sweeten your furniture.

 Our Leather Sofa Cleaning Process

Leather Sofa Cleaning Process

We clean leather sofas by hand because it is gentler, safer and produces superior results. Ours is an eco-friendly approach with no harmful products. The detergents and solutions we use pose no risk to children or animals.

  1. Our cleaners will start by performing a detailed inspection of the leather sofa prior to the cleaning process. We check for stains, mould, dust, odours and more.
  2. Before work commences, we test a small sample patch of the leather to make sure it can withstand the treatment. You see, different types of it require different treatments and so it is essential to find the right materials for ultimate results.
  3. A thorough vacuum to pick up dust, dirt and any other tiny loose materials.
  4. Application of a conditioner to restore the furniture’s softness and moisture. This also helps to resist the effects of daily soiling.
  5. Spot cleaning with a specialised solvent and cloth.
  6. A final check to ensure we’ve missed nothing and that your furniture is spotless.
  7. We invite you to inspect our cleaners work and ensure you are 100% satisfied.

Different Types of Furniture We Clean

  • Arm Chairs and Dining Chairs, Settee
  • Couches & Lounge Suites, Chesterfield
  • Leather car seats

 Our Cleaning Products & Equipment

  • Eco-friendly products that are not available over the counter.
  • Specialised treatments that are best suited to your furniture’s type of fabric.
  • Antiviral sanitation to kill germs.
  • Scotchgard Protection

Cleaning Services

Our Cleaning Services

  • Leather Upholstery Cleaning
  • All Leather Cleaned & Restored
  • Leather Protection
  • Steam & Dry Cleaning
  • Deodorising

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  • Training Cleaning Technicians
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