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Power cleaning with high pressure can make your exteriors look like new again. Sometimes detergents and other chemical solutions are not up to the job. The best way to get rid of dirt and grime from any external surface is to turn up the pressure. It is an eco-friendly way of cleaning stubborn stains and built-up dirt. With high pressure, water is released at great speed and force. This removes the dirt efficiently.

External surfaces attract dirt, mould, algae, bird droppings, fungus, lichen, moss and bacteria. Not only does this spoil their appearance. the grime can eat away at materials causing rot and further damage. If left unwashed, bricks, tiles and concrete may deteriorate over time. However, regular high pressure cleaning can reduce these risks by tackling even the most stubborn problems.

At NO1 Carpet Cleaning Melbourne, we provide high pressure washing for every type of surface. We service from a residential property’s patio and driveway to large commercial buildings and car parks. Using the most up-to-date equipment, we’ll restore your hard surfaces to their former glory.

As high pressure cleaning specialists, the technicians we employ are highly trained on safety matters and all aspects of it. They’re ready to tackle any area and will clean to the very highest professional standards.

Our service for both residential and commercial customers is suitable for almost any outside space that needs to be cleaned.

 Areas we can clean are:

  • Drives, patios and swimming pool areas
  • Gutters and roofs
  • Fences
  • Bricks
  • Outdoor timber and pergolas
  • Paved footpaths
  • Stairwells
  • Factories and warehouses
  • School playgrounds
  • And much more

Our high pressure cleaning service also covers chewing gum, paint and graffiti removal.

 Benefits of High Pressure Cleaning 

  • Removes dirt quickly and easily
  • Removes highly adhesive materials
  • Boosts curb appeal
  • Makes your business premises look more inviting
  • Preserves the exterior of your home
  • Saves money by preventing unnecessary decay and repairs
  • Gets at hard to reach areas
  • Can improve the resale value of a property

Our Services

  • Concrete Tiles
  • Driveways & Pathways
  • Fencing & Retaining Walls
  • Patios & Balconies
  • Other Outdoor Areas

Why Choose Us

  • Premium Quality Service
  • Highly Reputable Company
  • Public Liability Insurance -$10,000,000
  • Affordable Price
  • Provides Free Quotes

Our Locations

  • Inner City Melbourne
  • Northern  Melbourne Suburbs
  • Melbourne Western Suburbs
  • Eastern Melbourne Suburbs
  • Mornington Peninsula

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At NO1 Carpet Cleaning Melbourne, we can handle the pressure to get your surfaces looking fresh, clean and sparkling.