How to Choose a Reliable Melbourne Carpet Cleaner

How to Choose a Reliable Melbourne Carpet Cleaner

The carpet is one of the first things we notice whenever we enter a room. It has a way of holding space together and adding a luxurious feel. We all enjoy the warm and cosy comforts of a carpeted room, but they get dirty and require a good cleaning. That calls for a carpet cleaner.

Most people don’t know how to choose a good cleaner. If you find it challenging, check our tips to choose a reliable Melbourne carpet cleaner below. After that, the exercise will be a walk in the park!

Tips to Choose a Reliable Melbourne Carpet Cleaner

Use these tips to identify a Melbourne carpet cleaner you can trust:

1. Years of Experience

Appropriate and thorough training is essential, but nothing can defeat experience. A carpet cleaner who has been offering carpet cleaning services for the past couple of years understands more about the job than the one who got into the industry recently.

A cleaner that has been operating for years means that it has consistently offered quality results to its customers. Carpet cleaners who do shoddy work don’t survive long. So, try to find out how long a cleaner has been in business before entering into a contract with them.


Newbies can also offer good-quality services, especially when trying to prove that they know their art. They also often charge less, and you could save a few dollars if you avail carpet cleaning from them. However, choosing an experienced cleaner is the best thing to do if you don’t want to take any risks.

2. Recommendations and References

Getting recommendations from the people you trust is the quickest and easiest way to choose the best carpet cleaner. Therefore, ask your friends, relatives, and colleagues, and you could find that a friend-of-a-friend knows a trustworthy cleaner.

References also work great in determining the reputation of a cleaner you’re considering hiring. Ask for a list of recent clients from the cleaner. Reliable companies will always be happy to give you contacts of people they have served previously. Call two or more to know their experience with the carpet cleaner.

3. Compare the Costs

You want your carpet cleaned properly, but you also don’t wish to pay a fortune for the job. In that case, don’t stick to the first carpet cleaner you come across. Ask for quotes from several companies – talk to at least 2-3 cleaners. Do a comparative analysis for the same level of service and number of rooms or square feet, and then choose a service provider who offers value for money.

Adds-on like special shampoos, treatments, and stain removal and protection can add a lot to the base price. Shopping around will help you land in the hands of the most affordable cleaner. As a customer, you’re free to hire the professional with the best service package for your needs.


Choosing the lowest bidder is a bad idea. Carpet cleaning does not come cheap. Anyone charging you way below the market standard could be dragging you into a carpet cleaning scam. How much does carpet cleaning cost? Click here to find out.

4. Uses Quality Equipment and Products

Find out what equipment and products your potential carpet cleaner uses. A high-end carpet with fine fibres will require a sophisticated and up-to-date machine to clean it thoroughly and safely. Reliable carpet cleaners in Melbourne should have top-notch equipment that does the job without any hitch.

Ask whether they use any strong smells, vapours, and harsh chemicals that could harm your pets and kids. You don’t want to use products that will harm you or your family in the name of cleaning the carpet. Dependable carpet cleaners always use eco-friendly products that will get the job done without harming you or the environment.

5. Established a Reputation Online

Read client feedback posted online to know what people feel about the company. Visit local directory websites such as Facebook group forums and Google Places and look for honest customer feedback on their experience.

Reading through these reviews and feedback online will help you get clarity on the quality and services the cleaner you’re considering hiring offers. That will ensure you make an informed decision.

Select the Best Carpet Cleaning Company

Other Tips

Check these things also to ensure you’ll are hiring the right person or company:

6. What extra services do they offer?

Find out whether your potential carpet cleaner offers extra services you need, including duct cleaning, tiles and grout cleaning, repairing and cleaning upholstery, etc. Hiring different experts to do similar jobs can be expensive. On the other hand, bundled service packages are a great way to save money on home or business cleaning services.

7. Does their website look professional?

As obvious as it may look, the website of the cleaner you wish to hire can tell you a lot about them. Serious carpet cleaning companies value online presence because it’s one of the best ways to advertise their offers. A responsive and up-to-date website with a well-maintained and helpful blog can be a good sign that the cleaner means business and you can trust them.

Questions to Ask

The last thing you want is to end up with an unreliable carpet cleaning service provider. Thus, (in addition to the tips above) ask the following questions to help you ascertain that you’re dealing with the right person:

How will you clean my carpet?

The answer to this question should help you know the methods the cleaner will use for your carpet. Every carpet has its own set of problems. So, your carpet needs a unique set of solutions. An experienced cleaner will explain to you how they will do the work. They will be happy to let you know everything from the cleaning solutions they will use to the various steps involved.

Are there any discounts and special offers?

Many reliable Melbourne companies present special discounts (and offers) to first-time and regular customers. Sometimes these offers may sound too good to be true. Always ask for any clarification.

Do you offer any guarantee?

Your feedback matters and trustworthy carpet cleaners always take your satisfaction seriously. Some companies offer a money-back guarantee, extra services, and even carpet replacement to ensure you’re satisfied.

Don’t hesitate to ask any questions you might have. A dependable carpet cleaning company like NO1 Carpet Cleaning Melbourne will patiently answer them all. Ensure you find out whether your cleaner’s phone numbers and addresses are legitimate in case you need to find them later.


Cleaning your carpet will make your house or business healthy, more comfortable and welcome. Routine, thorough cleaning will also increase your carpet’s life. Choosing a Melbourne carpet cleaner does not need to be a challenge. The tips should help you ease the process.

We are experienced and trusted by many home and business owners across Melbourne. When you’re ready to clean your carpet professionally, contact us, and we will happily offer our high-quality at competitive rates!