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Stubborn carpet stain removal requires professionals who are experienced in working on deeply embedded, stubborn stains. At NO1 Carpet cleaning Melbourne, we pride ourselves in our techniques and process in the removal of even the toughest of carpet stains.

We have the necessary specialised equipment and the most effective stain removal solutions to professionally remove your stains, using tried and tested processes. We guarantee satisfaction to all our customers.

Carpet spots and stains come from a wide variety of sources, including: food, coffee, soft drinks, red cordial, wine, blood, ink, rust, watermarks, bleach, nail varnish, paint, ink, urine (children and pets), faeces, vomit, unidentified oil and liquids and much more.

Some of these stains can be removed during the general steam cleaning process but many will require individual solutions. Whenever practicable, it is good practice to call us in as soon as your carpet has been soiled by a bad stain.

Stain cleaning can be perplexing for non-experts. It’s essential to know the chemical base of the stain, and also the type of carpet fibre. NO1 Carpet Cleaning Melbourne has a wide range of cleaning fluids and will use the appropriate fluid for each type of stain after determining the type of carpet material.

We guarantee the best possible stain-removing job for you and we will remove every single stain that it is humanly possible to remove. Unfortunately, a small percentage of stains are permanent. They may prove impossible to remove completely – although we can lighten their appearance to make them less conspicuous.

Such stains can only be removed completely by a carpet restoration specialist who will dye or re-patch the area of the stain. We will advise you of the likely outcomes of removing all the stains before we commence our work. We will not charge for any stains remaining that we said we could remove.

Spots or stains?

Spots or stains

  • Spots on your carpets are usually caused by spillage of water and oils and they create dark areas where dirt collects. These can usually be removed as part of the general carpet cleaning process as the dirt has not penetrated deeply into the fibres.
  • Stains are caused by a liquid or substance which has penetrated the carpet fibre and caused a colour change. These stains will require specialist treatment. We have a very high success rate in moving most types of stains. Urine soiling can be a particularly difficult problem. It’s sometimes necessary for us to clean both sides of the carpet if the urine has soaked through and you may need to replace the underlay.

When we have finished cleaning your carpet, you can opt to have carpet protection solution applied. This will protect your carpet from stains for a period of 6 to 12 months.

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