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Professional Carpet Cleaning in Melbourne

Looking for quality carpet cleaning in Melbourne? We’re your local professional Melbourne carpet cleaning company with cost effective affordable prices. The team at NO1 Carpet Cleaning Melbourne offer trained and experienced technicians to clean residential and commercial properties. We offer both carpet steam cleaning and ultra-fast drying dry carpet cleaning solutions. In addition, we also provide quality rug cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and commercial carpet cleaners.

Our friendly and professional technicians also provide environmentally friendly cleaning. It’s 100% safe for family and pets. We will restore your carpets, upholstery and rugs so they look like new. You will get the best job money can buy with NO1 Carpet Cleaning Melbourne.

Professional cleaning services in Melbourne

DIY cleaning methods are ok for small jobs. But for the best professional carpet cleaning results, hire a professional. You deserve the best carpet cleaning service by trained professionals with years of experience.  We provide effective and affordable carpet cleaning in Melbourne because we care about customer satisfaction. Moreover we clean your carpets and remove all bacteria and allergens. This improves air quality and helps allergy sufferers.

Do you need your carpets cleaned in a hurry for an emergency? Our “same day” service means your carpets can be cleaned fast.

Contact the Melbourne carpet cleaning professionals for amazing results, we guarantee you’ll be satisfied.

Melbourne Carpet Cleaning Experts

Who We Are

NO1 Carpet Cleaning Melbourne is a local family owned and operated business. We are fully certified, licensed and have public liability and professional indemnity insurance. Because we’ve got more than 30 years’ combined experience we offer excellent service to our customers. We clean your carpet as if it was our own. Moreover we are always courteous when we inspect your home. Our fleet of vehicles are equipped with the highest quality machines and use the latest equipment and technology.

The 8 Step Cleaning Process at NO1 Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

Our carpet cleaner can clean any type of carpet or rug.  Below is a guide on our full package steam carpet cleaning procedure.

Pre Inspection


1 – Prepare Room & Pre-Inspection

First we will move furniture and perform a visual pre-inspection of the carpet. We will identify and evaluate stains and marks.

Pre Vacuum

2 – Pre-Vacuum

Carpets will be pre vacuumed to remove lose dirt and debris from the surface to make it ready for cleaning. This also loosens carpet fibers.

Stain Treatment & Spot Cleaning

3 – Stain Treatment & Spot Clean

Pre spraying stained areas using powerful stain removers.

Rotary Agitation

4 – Rotary Agitation

Using a rotary brush to loosen soil.

Steam Cleaning or Dry Cleaning

5 – Steam or Dry Clean

Your choice of steam using hot water extraction or dry cleaning for a faster drying time.

Deodorise & Sanitise Carpet

6 – Deodorise, Sanitise and Condition

In house products like shampooing to leave your floors smelling clean and fresh. Sanitizer removes odour and kills fungi or bacteria. Great for removing nasty allergens.

Carpet Grooming

7 – Grooming

Helps to reset the carpet pile and promotes faster drying.

Final Inspection

8 – Final Inspection

Finally we’ll inspect your carpets and ensure they are completely clean. It’s part of our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Our Professional Carpet Cleaning Melbourne Services

Carpet Steam Cleaning Melbourne

Carpet Steam Cleaning Melbourne

Do you need your rooms professionally steam cleaned? For a deep clean our carpet steam cleaning services are recommended by professional cleaners.

Carpet steam cleaning is also referred to as hot water extraction. This is the most effective cleaning method for a thorough carpet fibre deep clean. Steam cleaning lifts all dirt particles and stains. Steam cleaning uses hot water which is sprayed over the carpet. A chemical solution is applied to extract stubborn stains. The water is then sucked up with a vacuum (extracted) along with the dirt and debris. Having professional steam carpet cleaning using hot water extraction is the ideal solution to remove allergens. We’ve used a highly efficient hot water extraction carpet cleaning method to industry standard for over 20 years.

Although steam cleaning is very effective it usually takes between 6 to 8 hours to completely dry. If you need to walk on the floors immediately, the dry clean method is better than steam. If you prefer not to wait, we offer both cleaning solutions for you.

Advantages of Steam Carpet Cleaning

  • Improves air quality and removes excess moisture
  • Prevent nasties that cause Asthma and other Allergies
  • Removes Dust Mites
  • Quality Soil Extraction Machines
  • Hygienic – Suck out germs and bacteria
  • Easily Clean Spillages
  • Deodorise and Sanitised for Free
  • Best method remove stubborn stains, dead skin, dirt and grimes


Some products use harmful chemical substances that are harsh on carpets. We use environmentally friendly products containing no harmful chemicals.

Carpet Dry Cleaning Melbourne

Carpet Dry Cleaning Melbourne

Dry cleaning carpets save hours of drying time. That’s one of the main advantages and reasons customers choose this method. We use an effective carpet dry cleaning system that’s been an industry standard for over 30 years.

Did you know our carpet dry cleaning leaves your flooring walk-on dry straight after we’ve cleaned? So if you need a quicker drying time, then dry carpet cleaning is the right choice.  This is because this low moisture method uses 90% less water than standard steam cleaning. As a result, carpets that are dry to walk on means there’s no wait times.

Carpet dry cleaning involves the use of a specialized machine that uses very low moisture. This will protect your floors from water damage. If the areas are soiled or have heavy oil residue, we will treat the areas with pre-treatments before we start the cleaning process.

Are you interested in our dry carpet cleaning services in Melbourne? To find out more about these professional cleaning techniques, call our carpet cleaner to get your questions answered.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

Are you looking for a commercial carpet cleaning company you can trust? Our trusted carpet cleaners offer the highest industry standards. We pride ourselves on using the best solutions for residential or commercial properties.  Dirty floors in your workplace are bad for clients. Our leading industry professionals take care of everything.

Conference rooms, hallways, offices, hotel rooms, reception areas and other office spaces can make or break your customers’ perception about your business.

Our commercial and industrial carpet cleaning services involve using high quality, eco-friendly products and advanced carpet cleaning methods to clean your offices. We’ll help restore the natural appearance and texture of the carpets. We’ll take out blotches and spots and get rid of germs, bacteria, diseases, and mold.

Our cleaner will make sure we leave your carpet clean and safe to walk on. Available to both commercial and industrial clients and all business owners. Last minute emergency cleaning available. Commercial quotes priced per sqm.

Commercial Properties We Clean

  • Restaurants, Bars, Clubs
  • Hotels and Motels
  • Child Care and Day Care Facilities
  • Schools and Universities
  • Hospitals and Medical Offices
  • Retail Shops and Shopping Centres
  • Government Buildings and Libraries
  • Offices and Commercial Buildings

Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery cleaning brings your furniture and chairs back to life.

We can also clean upholstered furniture using our specialised mild cleaning solution that produces amazing results. Moreover we use only the best upholstery cleaning solutions that are safe on most delicate of fabrics. Do you have leather furniture that needs cleaning or restoration? Our leather cleaning methods keeps your leather furniture looking like new.

Whether the fabric is polyester, wool, nylon or leather, we have a standard treatment solution for all fabrics.

  1. Pre-Inspection. Inspect fabric and identify the type of fiber.
  2. Color Fast Test. Fabric dyes are tested to determine color fastness.
  3. Pre-Condition Fabric – Using steam cleaning (hot water extraction method)
  4. Vacuuming – Suck up loose dirt and debris
  5. Soil Extraction – Remove dirt, stains and pathogens
  6. Spotting – Remove stains
  7. Fabric Protection – Enhance the life of your upholstery
  8. Drying – Dry the carpets
  9. Post Inspection – Ensure we achieve optimal results


High Pressure Cleaning

High Pressure Cleaning

If you have floor tiles, we can use our high pressure cleaning equipment to thoroughly clean and restore them. This pressure-cleaning solution removes dirt and grime, mould and other debris. We can make old tiles and grout looking sparkling new again. The results speak for themselves.

Rug Cleaning

Dirty rugs contain germs, pet dander, allergens, food stain, bacteria and bad odor. Our professionally trained rug cleaning technicians can wash all types of rugs. We can either clean your rug onsite or pick it up and have it cleaned at our rush washing facility in Melbourne.

Our Process

  • Initial Inspection – We’ll identify the kind of rug fibre material to ascertain whether we can clean onsite or take it to the rug wash,
  • Color Fast Testing – Ensure chemicals don’t remove colour
  • Pre-Vacuum – To remove loose debris and dust and help loosen the rug fibres
  • Cleaning – We’ll use specialised detergents and shampoos to clean your rugs
  • Drying – Drying time is approximately 2-4 hours.

Rugs we can clean include:

  • Delicate Rugs
  • Natural Fibre Rugs
  • Cotton and Wool Rugs
  • Oriental Rugs
  • Persian Rugs
  • Antique Rugs


Carpet Stain Removal

Stain Removal

You can vacuum dust, hair and dirt out, but it doesn’t remove stains and odors. We can remove the most stubborn stains using advanced stain removal techniques. This includes pet stains, food, vegemite, wine, oil, ink and urine stains. Our stain removal services ensure even the toughest carpet stains embedded deep into the carpet fibres removed completely.

We use two approaches to removing spots and stains. This includes using a chemical agent that interacts with the stain chemically, or we physically loosen the stain from the surface. Some stains require both techniques.

We use a combintation of the following when removing stain: Brushing, flushing, freezing, pre-soaking, pre-treating, scraping, sponging, and finally tamping.

When we treat with a chemical substance, we always perform a colour test to determine the effect of our cleaning agents. If there’s no discolouration, we’ll use a carpet stain remover on the affected areas.  If marks are still visible, they will employ powerful chemicals for a deep clean. Broad range of heavy stain removal treatment to remove acidic or alkaline based stained carpets.

Our stain removal services are guaranteed to get rid of tough stains and heavy dirt trapped deep under the surface. Stains we remove include urine, pet urine, oil, wine, and other different kinds of contaminants.

Tile & Grout Cleaning

While cleaning tiles is easy, grout is hard work. Grout is porous and is usually light in colour. For this reason, it is prone to staining. Whether it’s dirt and grime, spills, or even mould and mildew, our tile and grout cleaning services we get the job done right.

We start with the mildest cleaning solutions. Then we scrub the area to get rid of the stain. If they persist, we use a powerful detergent and techniques. This can remove even the toughest stains restoring your tiles to brand new status. Moreover it removes scratches and revitalize old tiled areas.

Our tile and grout cleaning services are perfect for high traffic areas.

End Of Lease Carpet Cleaning

You’re required to leave the house in the exact condition you found it when moving out. Real estate agents or landlords will require you to clean the carpets thoroughly to pass inspection. We’ll make sure you get your rental bond back. Book your end of lease job today.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Service

Carpet Cleaning Services

We offer all types of carpet cleaning for homeowners. We’ll clean and revitalize the appearance for guaranteed results you will love.

TIP: Getting your carpets cleaned frequently on a regular basis helps extend the life of your carpet.

  • Carpet Steam Cleaning
  • Dry Carpet Cleaning
  • Mattress Cleaning
  • Upholstery Cleaning
  • Carpet Stain Removal
  • Rug Cleaning
  • Leather Sofa Cleaning
  • Blind, Drapes & Curtain Cleaning
  • Tile and Grout Cleaning
  • High Pressure Cleaning
  • Carpet Repair & Restoration
  • Carpet Shampooing
  • Flood Damage Restoration
  • Mould Remediation & Mildew Removal
  • Floor Sanding & Refinishing
  • Air Duct Cleaning
  • Pest Control Services – Flea Treatment Pests like fleas spread diseases


Why Choose Us NO1 Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

Why Choose Us

  • We use Environmentally friendly products
  • Work comes with a 100% guarantee. We will redo if you’re not completely satisfied.
  • Fully Licensed and Insured With Experience and Expertise
  • Staff are thoroughly vetted for honesty (police checks), health and competency.
  • Prices are competitive and highly affordable.
  • Free Sanitization and Deodorize
  • Fabric Protection using Scotchgard Fabric protector
  • Removes Germs and other Nasties: Bacteria, Harmful Allergens and Virus Removal
  • Powerful Disinfectants, Sanitisers and Conditioner
  • Removing Odors in Carpets
  • Non-toxic – Safe for Babies and Pets, Kids, Families, Elderly
  • Double the life of the carpet
  • No chemical residue
  • Professional Cleaners With over 20 years of experience
  • 24 Hours – 7 Days a week


Carpet Cleaning Costs

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

How long does carpet take to dry after steam cleaning?

Carpets normally need 6-8 hours to dry. To completely dry it could take up to 24 hours. The time depends on the air circulation, humidity and temperature inside your house.

Which is the best carpet cleaning method?

We recommend carpet steam cleaning for a deeper clean as it removes more stains.  However dry cleaning if faster to dry and better if you want to walk on it straight away

How much does carpet cleaning cost?

Our price starts from just $99 inc GST.

NO1 Carpet Cleaning Melbourne Cost Guide

  • 1 and 2 rooms – $120
  • 3 rooms – $140
  • 4 rooms – $150
  • End of lease flea treatment spraying from $99
  • Rugs – $25 – $60
  • Upholstery Fabric $30 Leather $50

Pre-vacuuming incurs a $5 per room charge – depending on size of houses and apartments.

Latest Special: Free spot treatment service (stain removal) and deodoriser to eliminate smells.

We ask that our customers be booked as soon as possible to avoid any unnecessary wait times. Call us right now to book a service.

Get the best price in town with a carpet cleaning specialist.

Pay options include both cash and card, Visa and Mastercard.

NO1 Carpet Cleaning Melbourne Reviews


Their dry-cleaning system removes more tough stains than we thought. Their team of professional carpet cleaners did a great job.

Tony – Dandenong

The best carpet steam cleaning service. Professional staff with state-of-the-art equipment designed for this work. Left our carpets clean and smelling fresh. The best rates very affordable. Loved their work and cheap as chips.

Doug Simmons – Port Melbourne

With high foot traffic, our carpet is always dirty no matter how many times we clean. Very good carpet cleaning Melbourne based company. Professional and prompt. Thanks.

Vivian Grey – Box Hill

Best carpet cleaning services ever. Great value for money.

Ernest M – Frankston

Cleaned our restaurant for the last 2 years. Quality job, we’re always happy with the results. Carpets look really good, highly recommended.

Denny Singh – Richmond

Amazing Customer Testimonials

Love the clean carpets! Wonderful job. Thank you.

Jenny Rafferty, South Yarra.

We chose the carpet steam cleaning method using hot water extraction. If you want effective carpet cleaning that removes all stains, try these guys. Very professional team and we got same day service. Thank you!

Jack Simpson, Yarra Valley

The best carpet cleaners in Melbourne! The best possible rug clean which removed all dirt and bacteria from the carpet fibre with no wet carpet afterwards. Highly recommend this well trained highly experienced team.

Cody Newman, Ringwood

Very effective stain removal leaving nothing behind. Got a deeper clean service on synthetic carpets using biodegradable chemicals. Free sanitising and deodorising. Arrived on time and dry in under an hour. Brilliant and easy carpet cleaning experts. No hidden charges, thanks.

Our carpet steam cleaner was very polite and informative. Got rid of a wine stain that we thought would be permanent! Fantastic service. Because of this we highly recommend.

Sam Ellis, Essendon

Our technician was very polite and informative. We highly recommend!

Owain Jones, Essendon

Called and booked over the phone for same day services. Expert cleaners from a professional cleaning company we trust. We got the best result. Last time it was rugs and carpets this time was end of lease steam cleaning.

Jim Nest, Melbourne Northern Suburbs,

If you need to hire carpet cleaners with the great results, the professionalism of this company is exceptional. The technician offered to vacuum the area at no additional cost. I see why they are number one.

Jes,  Melbourne Western Suburbs

Service Areas

We offer a range of packages in Melbourne and surrounding areas.

  • Melbourne City, Port Melbourne, South Yarra,
  • Eastern Suburbs Melbourne – Bayswater, Croydon, Ringwood, Dandenong, Camberwell
  • Western Suburbs Melbourne
  • Northern Suburbs Melbourne
  • Southern Suburbs Melbourne
  • Mornington Peninsula
  • Geelong


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