12 Carpet Cleaning Facts You Need To Know

Having kids or pets in your house can be a problem for the carpet. We all know how children frequently spill their food and drinks and animals have accidents even if they have been potty trained. 

Despite cases like these, our carpets need to stay clean and last longer. So, to help you keep up on your carpet maintenance and be in the know-how for all the best tips, we have compiled a list of the essential carpet cleaning facts. Check them out below. 

Fact #1: Hiring professional cleaners is better than DIY techniques

There are several Homemade Carpet Cleaning Products that you can use to remove fresh, mild stains and dirt. However, they are not 100% effective, and you will still need to clean your carpet professionally at least once a year. 

And if you decide to go for the synthetic products in the market, you could seriously damage your carpet. On the other hand, professional cleaners are experienced and know the right products to use to expel tough stains without causing issues.

Fact #2: Regular cleaning will not remove the stain protection layer

It is a misconception that carpet cleaning dislodges the stain protection the manufacturers apply on carpets. That is untrue. Wear and tear are the main reason stain protection layers break down. Regular cleaning helps to reduce general wear and tear and increases the carpet’s life. 

Fact #3: New carpets still need to be cleaned

Many people think new carpets should be cleaned only when they look dirty. Carpets (old and new) tend to trap all manner of dirt, oils, and allergens inside the fibres. Apparently, your carpet may look clean, but from the inside, they are dirty. 

Besides, new carpets can contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which can make you sick. VOCs cause headaches, asthma, nausea, and dizziness. Thus, it is still necessary to clean a new carpet. 

Fact #4: Synthetic stain removal products can damage your carpet

While buying these products may appear cheaper than hiring a professional carpet cleaner, they can damage your carpet. It is undeniable that many of them may also be able to get rid of some stains, but they are also good at stripping the colour off the carpets. 

Synthetic stain removers contain harsh chemicals, which may harm your kids and pets. Carpet cleaning technicians are experienced in removing stubborn stains and will know the right products to use on specific carpet materials. 

Fact #5: Regular vacuuming is essential

Keeping your carpet clean and in good shape is not only about hiring the services of a professional cleaner. Also, vacuum it regularly. If you have kids and pets around, vacuuming at least once a day could add years to your carpet’s life. 

Fact #6: Steam cleaning is the best carpet cleaning method

Carpet manufacturers and various industry experts recommend steam cleaning because it is the best. It can effectively remove up to 98% of dust and pollutants in your carpet, leaving it cleaner and healthier.

Steam cleaning also kills fleas, bacteria, and pathogens, and eliminates stains. However, it is a technique that needs the precision of professionals – if not done right, it can leave behind moisture that can damage your carpet. You might want to read our article on What Carpet Cleaning Method is Best For You – Steam or Dry?

Fact #7: It is better value for money to get regular cleaning for your top-notch carpet

One common mistake many homeowners do is not cleaning their carpets regularly. It’s better value for money to invest in a top-notch carpet and maintain it effectively than purchase a cheaper one and keep replacing it. 

A regularly cleaned and well-looked-after carpet can last for many years. Clean your carpet professionally at least once a year to reduce dust, debris, and moisture build-up. Take good care of your investment!

Fact #8: Pre-vacuum is necessary

Pre-vacuuming is a critical step in every carpet cleaning exercise. Dry soils turn to mud when they mix with moisture during the cleaning process. Since mud is heavier and harder to remove than dry dirt, a thorough pre-vacuuming will get you the best results possible. 

Fact #9: You can avoid stain problems by acting fast

As soon as you notice a spill on your carpet, we advise you to react quickly and remove it as soon as possible. It’s a big mistake to underestimate the urgency of removing such a stain and keeping it for the weekend chores. 

The longer you take to clean the stain, the deeper it gets embedded into the carpet fibres and the harder it gets to remove. Therefore, do not allow the stain to settle down – act fast. Blot the spot with a paper towel and clean it with available household products such as baking soda and vinegar, alcohol or dishwashing liquid soap. 

Fact #10: An acid conditioning rinse is necessary 

Most carpet cleaning products are naturally alkaline. Thus, the acid conditioning rinse helps to balance these cleaning chemicals and soften the cleaned carpet fibres. 

Fact #11: The wet dog smell ultimately goes away

You may realise that once a professional cleans your carpet, it has a lingering unpleasant smell. That is common for woollen carpets as the moisture reacts with the natural Sulphur in the wool producing a gas that smells like a wet dog. It’s a natural process and will ultimately dissipate once your carpet dries fully.  

Fact #12: Brushes speed up carpet wear and tear

We often don’t notice it, but the brushes used on our carpets are harmful. They deteriorate the quality of the carpet by accelerating wear and tear. The brush bristles are too harsh for the soft wool. 

Therefore, avoid carpet brushes while cleaning and removing stains from your carpet. Reputable professional cleaners are aware of this and use specially designed cleaners for carpets. 


Those are the 10 essential facts you need to know about carpet cleaning. One of the facts that stand out is that professional carpet cleaning is better than DIY techniques.

We know it’s easy to deal with mild stains and dirt, but your carpet will require the attention of the experts a few times a year. Don’t deny your carpet expert care if you want it to stay in good condition and serve you longer. Call NO1 Carpet Cleaning Melbourne today!