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NO1 Carpet cleaning Melbourne have over ten years’ experience in dry cleaning homes and commercial buildings in the Greater Metropolitan area. Our proven carpet dry cleaning processes will leave your carpets looking clean and fresh.

Let NO1 Carpet cleaning Melbourne’s qualified technicians visit your home or office and inspect your floors and recommend the best options. If the dirt is mainly superficial, then dry cleaning is probably the way to go. Carpet dry cleaning may also be the best option for those who want the job done quickly and with the minimum of disruption.

The dry cleaning process is as follows:

  1. A thorough inspection to identify bad stains.
  2. Vacuum with industrial-strength vacuum cleaner to remove dry dirt & soil.
  3. Pre-spray with dry cleaning solutions and stain removal fluids.
  4. Careful attention is then given to spot cleaning and removing heavy stains.
  5. Agitate the fibres with a rotary agitator to dislodge the dirt inside the fibres.
  6. Apply an absorbent pad to the rotary machine and soak up all the dirt and moisture from the surface.
  7. Groom or ‘comb’ the carpet fibres to restore the pile to its original state.

Your carpet will be left slightly damp with a lovely fresh smell and it will be completely dry within an hour or two. You can walk on your floors straight away, but make sure that everyone has clean shoes.

All the cleaning fluids and solutions we use in our dry cleaning process are non-toxic, will not harm pets and children. A vast majority are also biodegradable.

Dry Cleaning Advantages

  • The cleaning process is less labour intensive, therefore cheaper.
  • Cleaning time is quicker, meaning less disruption
  • Your floors are only left mildly damp and will be completely dry within 1 to 2 hours, which also means less disruption.
  • Dry cleaning doesn’t leave any detergent residue or ‘wet smell’.

However, dry cleaning also has one major disadvantage, particularly if there are badly soiled or stained. It is possible that dry cleaning may not remove all the dirt and grime if it is deeply embedded in the carpet fibres. In this case, steam cleaning may be the better alternative.

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