Dry Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

Fast & Affordable Cleaning Method For Your Carpets

Carpet Dry Cleaning Melbourne

Carpet dry cleaning is a safe, efficient and cost-effective way to keep your carpets looking as good as new. The experts at NO1 Carpet Cleaning Melbourne can have your carpets clean and ready to walk on in minutes.

This method of carpet cleaning can be done without the need for wetting or saturating the carpets. It uses a special dry cleaning powder that is spread over the carpets and then vacuumed up, leaving them clean, fresh and free from dirt and bacteria.

Carpet dry cleaning is an ideal choice for people who are looking for a hassle-free way to keep their carpets looking their best.

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What is Dry Carpet Cleaning?

It’s the process of cleaning your carpets without using any water or detergents. Instead, specialised solutions are used to break down the dirt and oils that have accumulated in your carpet fibers over time. These solutions are then vacuumed from the carpet, leaving it clean and smelling fresh.

It’s a excellent option for keeping your carpets looking like new without much waiting time. Unlike steam carpet cleaning which can take longer to dry (but cleans deeper).  It is a safe, efficient and cost-effective way to keep your carpets looking their best.

Plus, it requires minimal effort on your part and can be done quickly with no drying time required.

Benefits of Dry Cleaning

What Are The Benefits?

Dry carpet cleaning has various advantages. These benefits are listed below.

  • Lasts longer: We use little water for this procedure so that we can leave your carpet structure unchanged, unlike steam cleaning which involves using water and repeated use of brush which can make the carpet fibres very soft.
  • Fast drying time – Compared to steam cleaning where you would have to wait for the carpet to dry, this process allows you to use your carpet almost immediately after cleaning.
  • Easier to clean: It is much easier to clean a carpet using this method than any other method. Dry cleaning doesn’t need any special skill. All you need is to know how to handle the machine and the right amount of chemicals to use as advised by the manufacturer.
  • No residue – Nodetergent residue or ‘wet smell’.
  • Convenience – Your floors are only left mildly damp and will be completely dry within 1 hour.
  • Less intrusive – No water and long hoses.

The Process

  1. Pre Inspection – A thorough inspection to identify bad stains.
  2. Pre Vacuum – Vacuum with industrial-strength vacuum cleaner to remove dry dirt & soil.
  3. Pre-Treat – Apply absorbent compound with solutions and stain removal fluids.
  4. Brushing – A mechanized brush is used to agitate the fibres, dissolving dirt and soil residue.
  5. Commercial Vacuum – Vacuuming the loose debris leaving your carpet clean and dry.
  6. Grooming – The final groom or ‘comb’ the carpet fibres to restore the pile to its original state.
  7. Protection – Option to apply a carpet protector to protect against a broad range of germs and bacteria.


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