Top 10 Benefits Of Carpet Steam Cleaning

Learn What Steam Cleaning Can Do

Carpet Steam Cleaning Equipment

Most of us don’t give much attention to what method our carpet cleaners use. But this should be a priority before handing out your carpet for cleaning. How your carpet is cleaned determines its cleanliness, durability among others. You not only need your carpet clean; aim at all benefits of the process. 

Steaming is one of the best cleaning methods for your carpet. First of all, it is eco-friendly. That means it doesn’t influence the ecosystem in any way. With people migrating to environmentally friendly methods of doing things, you should consider this method. And if that hasn’t convinced you yet, look at all the benefits you’ll enjoy by steam cleaning your carpet. 

1. It is eco friendly

Water is the major component in steam carpet cleaning. A very little amount of detergent is used if any compared to other techniques. Therefore, there are no chemical residues or smells.

So, with this method, your home remains safe for family and pets. Moreover, it doesn’t inject any chemicals into the drainage system which may end up in our water supply. We can say, steam cleaning has zero effects on the environment. And thus, using it not only protects you and your family but also the ecosystem.

Our friend Gunner Reynolds up in Queesland who is a local carpet cleaner in brisbane is a big advocate for using steam. He added “Making sure to use safe, eco-friendly cleaning products is an important part of keeping up keeping our planet safe. These products are less damaging to the environment and don’t contain harsh chemicals that can damage carpets or irritate skin if they come into contact with it. Plus, preventing excessive amounts of water and chemicals from being used in cleaning keeps carpets looking better for longer.”

2. Helps Remove Pollutants

One of the main benefits of steam cleaning is its ability to sanitize your home. You won’t see germs, viruses, bacteria, mildews, and pathogens with your eyes but they’re there. And in large numbers.

The hot water vapor penetrates the carpet fabric to kill all the nasty pollutants. The steam is so hot that it can eliminate even the strongest pathogens like Salmonella and E. Coli

3. Refreshes Homes

Steam is a natural sanitizer and deodorant. It rises in the air to remove any possible dirt and residue developed from the other methods. Therefore, it is a great way to clean your carpet after using other methods on it. The steam creates a fresh environment and feeling in homes.

4. Kills pet odors

If you have pets making your home smell like a zoo, steaming the carpet and other items can solve the problem. In the process, the hot vapor will also kill the parasites such as fleas and their larvae or eggs. So, you’ll have your home smelling nice and happy pets.

Steam Cleaning with Pet

5. Elixir of Durability

Steam cleaning goes deep into the pores of your carpet. It dislodges all the dirt, germs, and allergens with a lot more ease than most standard techniques. The results are a vibrant and colorful carpet that can last several years. So, instead of re-carpeting your home every now and then, this method can help you retain your carpet for years. And at a cheaper cost.

6. No Pollutants Left

Unlike most intensive cleaning methods, it doesn’t leave any pollutants on your carpet. It is not necessary to use any artificial chemicals that can pollute the air or the carpet itself. As a matter of fact, steaming eliminates those pollutants. 

7. Quick Drying

Steam is very quick to dry compared to other methods that soak your carpet in water. That makes it a good method for carpets used in busy places like office buildings. You need only a few hours and your carpet is dry and ready for use again. 

8. Prevents the Growth of Mold and Mildew

Dirt and moist carpets exacerbate mold and mildew growth. But this method leaves little moisture which dries in about 30 to 60 minutes. Therefore, it effectively stops these two and any other fungi or bacteria from thriving. 

Mold and mildew cause allergens that can result in severe allergic reactions. Depriving them of their essential elements like moisture means they won’t regrow. And that translates to a healthy living. 

9. Highly effective for stain and dirt removal

Hot water effectively weakens the bond between dirt or stains and the carpet. So, they become easy to dislodge even without strong detergents. Moreover, the hot vapor penetrates deep into the carpet layers to remove any impurities hiding there. 

10. Saves Money

Cleaning with steam doesn’t require any expensive chemicals. As long as you hire professionals, you’ll receive very little or no bill at all for any cleaning chemicals. Companies specializing in green measures do improvise or use only biodegradable products. Which are generally cheaper. Ideally, with this method, you will definitely save a couple of bucks. 

Carpet Steam Cleaner Close Up


What makes steam cleaning good for carpets?

The combination of hot water and vacuuming makes it a popular choice.  Most carpet manufacturers recoomend steam carpet cleaning. Also referred to as water extraction, this method helps remove debris and the toughest stains. 

How many times should a carpet be steam cleaned?

The frequency of times you steam clean your carpet depends on many factors; like where you use it. But if not in a too busy environment, you should consider steaming your carpet at least once per year. 

How long does it take a carpet to dry after steaming?

After steaming, a carpet takes approximately 6 to 10 hours to dry up. However, this time can go beyond depending on the temperature and humidity levels at the time. Otherwise, if not careful, you’ll end up walking on a moist carpet. 

Which method is the best for carpet cleaning between steaming and dry cleaning?

Steaming will always carry the day when put against any other method. But it also has its demerits. For instance, you cannot use the method frequently on your carpet lest you destroy it. Considering its intensity, used regularly will wear your carpet. 

Are carpets a healthy risk in the house?

A dirty carpet poses serious health risks. Research has shown that several dust mites, germs, and all manner of pathogens can survive in a dirty carpet. However, if well maintained, a carpet is a great addition to your house decor. 


When planning to clean your carpet, you shouldn’t settle for any method. It’s prudent to pick a method that guarantees all benefits of cleaning with steam. As we’ve highlighted above, this is one of the most effective ways to clean your carpet. From keeping your home germs free to deodorizing; no standard way beats steam extraction.