Guide To End Of Lease Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Checklist For Moving Out

Carpet Cleaning

Guide To End Of Lease Carpet Cleaning

So, you are ready and set for a move out of a rental property. While you are rightly enthusiastic about the new property you are moving to, what about the home you are moving out of?

As a tenant, you must prepare your rental property for a final inspection before your tenancy ends. Apart from goodwill, end of the year lease carpet cleaning is essential to get back your bond money. In other words, it is inevitable.

End of the lease cleaning is a laborious process. Of course, you can hire professionals to carry out the task. Or, you can save money and do it yourself. Use our guide to end of lease carpet cleaning for a DIY approach to giving the property back in perfect condition. Not just carpet cleaning, but the entire property.

The living room and bedroom

The living room receives the most traffic in the home. As a result, you must clean it before moving out of a rental property. We recommend cleaning or dusting from the tops of the rooms, so you don’t miss anything and save some energy and time.

  • Clean light fixtures and fittings
  • Remove cobweb from the walls, dust ceiling fan blades
  • Deep clean the carpets and rugs
  • Remove, wash, and put back the flyscreens
  • Wipe all ledges, including the top of doors, skirting boards, windows, and sliding door tracks.
  • Replace non-working light bulbs and wipe powerpoints and light switches
  • Clean doors and windows inside out, including blinds and window tracks.
  • Sweep, mop, and vacuum the floors
  • Vacuum mattress and replace the bedsheet

The kitchen

If you like food, then the kitchen is undoubtedly your favourite part of the home. However, grease buildup, tough stains, and food splatter on the surfaces make the kitchen dirty and a breeding ground for bacteria and harmful germs. If you want to impress your landlord and potential renters, you must thoroughly cleanse your kitchen. Pay close attention to the following:

  • Use a natural microfiber cloth and natural cleaner to wipe countertops
  • Clean the benchtop surfaces, backsplash, cabinets, and stovetop
  • Polish the taps, sink and handles
  • Remove burnt food particles, grime, and grease buildup from the microwave and oven.
  • Empty the cupboard, fridge, and pantry, and wipe them down
  • Remove food from the dishwasher filter and clean it out.
  • Remove oil marks from the exhaust and wash the filter
  • Remove dust and oil from the extractor fan
  • Mop the floor and empty the garbage can

The bathroom and laundry

  • Drain your basin, and wipe down the benchtops, wall tiles and taps.
  • Clean the mirror and remove wipe marks
  • Scrub and disinfect the toilet seat and outside of the bowl
  • Remove mould from the grout and wash the shower curtain
  • Cleanse the showerhead, taps, and shower glass.
  • Remove dust from the air vents.
  • Remove mineral deposits and soap residue from the bathtubs and basins
  • Deep clean the laundry room – mop and sweep the floors, clean underneath the washing machine, and remove dryer lint.

Outdoor areas

  • Wash sliding patio tracks and doors
  • Remove oil stains on the driveway
  • Remove cobwebs, clean the door, oil marks, and empty the garbage space in the garage.
  • Wash the patio areas any appliances
  • Wash pet mess and repair damages
  • Remove debris from the pool water and filter.
  • Wash and dry the rubbish bins if you can
  • Weed the garden, mow the lawn, sweep the pavement, and trim overhanging trees.

How to clean

Gather the supplies

Prepare for cleaning by gathering cleaning supplies beforehand so you can save time and energy. You will need the following:

  • Cleaning mop
  • Microfiber cloth, sponges and rags, and extendable duster
  • A vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment
  • Multi-purpose cleaners like liquid dishwashing soap, white vinegar, warm water, etc.
  • Lemons and baking soda
  • Essential oils
  • A lint roller, squeegee
  • Gloves
  • Any other thing you feel you will require for cleaning

Clean in stages

Schedule the cleaning into stages instead of waiting until one or two days to the end of your lease. By organizing your cleaning into a timeframe, you will have enough time for the task. Apart from this, it provides an opportunity to discover blind spots and anything you may have missed during the initial cleaning.

Start cleaning one month before your lease ends.

  • Book a professional carpet cleaning company one month to the end of the lease. Check out our article on carpet cleaning guide for homeowners for tips on DIY carpet deep cleaning. Unlike routine carpet cleaning, deep cleaning removes tough stains, odours, spills, and restores the carpet’s shine.
  • Invite a pest control company for a pest inspection, treatment, removal, and prevention.
  • Ensure the yard is clean by mowing the lawn
  • Cancel your utilities

7 days until the lease ends

  • Sweep the garage, degrease the floors, and remove all cobwebs
  • Replace dead plants, mow the lawn, cut back the bushes, and kill weeds.
  • Scrub the driveway to remove tire marks and residual oil spills
  • Remove and replace broken light fixtures and ensure that all light bulbs are functional
  • Clean mark and dirt off curtains and blinds. Or, wash the curtains with water or vacuum the ones you cannot wash.
  • Check the internal filters of the smoke alarms and air conditioning and wipe them clean.
  • Wipe dust from the exhaust fans in the bathroom, kitchen, and ceiling fan, wash and replace them.
  • Use mild detergent or sugar soap to remove fly or insect spots on your ceiling.

3 days until the lease ends

  • Remove cobwebs from outside the house and clean all windows. You can use cobwebs remover to simplify the process.
  • Clear dirt buildup from the window tracks by running a screwdriver along the tracks. Then, use a vacuum cleaner with a narrow nozzle to clean the dirt and wipe it with a damp cloth.
  • Carefully remove the flyscreen and wash it. Also, replace loose screws from the window or tighten loose screws.
  • Use a sponge and soap to clean and remove dirt from the window. After cleaning, dry the edges and use a clean towel to remove the remaining marks.

2 days until the lease ends

  • Wash your toilets: disinfect and clean the toilet, cistern, fittings, pipes, and behind the toilet. Then, wash the wall tiles and inside the toilet bowl. Use a disposal glove, spray disinfectant, and paper towel to stay hygienic.
  • Wash the bathroom and laundry area: vacuum the bathroom to remove hair and dirt. While you wash, pay special attention to the top of the shower, door frame, and corners. Also, wash the laundry areas to free mineral deposits. Wipe down all surrounding wall tiles, tap fittings, and marks off the floor.
  • Clean your living areas, corridors, and bedrooms: remove cobwebs from the walls, vacuum the cupboards and wardrobe, and clean the walls.
  • Clean the kitchen: clean the oven, kitchen surfaces, and empty the garbage can.
  • Clean the floor: vacuum the entire house.

1 day until the lease ends

  • Professionally clean your carpet
  • Sweep and mop the floor
  • Check the premises for anything you missed


Just as we said, the end of the lease cleaning is no stroll through the park. However, if you follow each step above, you will have it easier than most people. Also, since we have broken the steps into periods, you won’t get overwhelmed by the entire process.