Essential Guide to Carpet Cleaning Victoria

The Carpet Cleaning Guide From The Pros

Carpet Cleaning Victoria
Carpets go through a lot in their lifetime. Heavy traffic, muddy foot and paw prints and accidental food spills pile on the dirt and stains, causing significant long-term damage. However, a simple maintenance regime and professional cleaning will improve the look of your carpet, restore its original colour and increase its longevity.

Not to mention it also contributes to better indoor air quality. Here are the detailed carpet cleaning Victoria Guide that you can check.

What Is Carpet Cleaning?

Colourful, soft and beautiful to look at carpets brighten and freshen every room of the home or office. Therefore, it is only natural that we want them always to look their best and be cared for. Dirt, dust and debris inevitably build up in your carpets, leaving them looking dull and less than desirable.

Carpet cleaning is an essential service that involves removing dirt, grease, grime and allergens from carpet fibres. Among the most common carpet cleaning methods are steam cleaning (hot water extraction), shampooing and dry cleaning.

But the job has to be done right.

Choosing the right carpet cleaning method and tools is key. Approaches that are incompatible with the fibre and underlay, as well as the wrong types of chemicals, can cause irreparable damage and reduce the life expectancy of your plush floor coverings. Choosing trained professionals like NO1 Carpet Cleaning Melbourne will ensure carpets look like new.

The Importance of Regular Carpet Cleaning

It is a worrying but unsavoury statistic, but carpets can harbour ten times more bacteria than a toilet seat. A long list of debris can be lurking deep in the fibres, including body fluids, mites, fleas, hair, fingernails, insect remains, skin and much more.
Regular vacuuming will help but won’t remove everything. Rely on professional carpet cleaning services to effectively eliminate harmful pollutants and provide a safe and clean home or work environment.

The key benefits of carpet cleaning are:

To Extend the Life of Your Carpets

Dirty carpets age quickly. Over time dirt and debris gets embedded in carpet fibres and eventually cause them to deteriorate. When carpets are walked on, the soil and grit rub against the fibres and scratches them. While vacuuming may eliminate some of the debris, the damage to the carpet is already done.

Vacuuming your carpets regularly and having them professionally cleaned at least once or twice a year can improve your carpet’s life expectancy. Both will keep your carpet in tip-top condition for years to come.

To Contribute to a Healthier Home/Work Environment

Carpets are magnets for microscopic air pollutants such as dust and pollen. Activities like walking can stir up these particles and release them into the air, where they can cause allergic reactions and pose other health hazards. Research studies have highlighted the adverse effects of dust and allergens in carpets, including the worsening of symptoms for people with asthma and allergies.

Regular vacuum cleaning may suck up some pollutants and keep your carpet looking tidy, but it won’t catch everything. The best carpet cleaning companies use advanced equipment and deep cleaning techniques to sanitise carpets and remove contaminants.

Regular Carpet Cleaning Guide

To Remove Dirt, Bacteria and Other Germs

Vacuum cleaning will only get rid of the surface dirt, not the bacteria and other germs that lie beneath and are invisible to the naked eye. A professional carpet cleaning service will sanitise every inch of carpet, removing all types of germs and potentially harmful particles.

To Eliminate Stains

Unsightly and stubborn stains not only spoil the appearance of carpets but also make a room look unattractive. Scrubbing with supermarket cleaners is often not enough to get the job done. As with many things in life, professionals will always do a much better job than an amateur. They use specialised tools and techniques to eliminate stains quickly.

Trained professionals have studied different types of carpet fibres and know which treatments work best to handle tough stains from wine, coffee and other spills.

To Enhance the Overall Appearance of a Room

Carpets soon lose their freshness and lustre when they’re in constant use. Dirty carpets drag down the whole appearance of a home, no matter how clean it might otherwise be. However, beautiful, clean and fresh carpets improve any space’s look and feel, making it cosy and more inviting.

To Prevent Mould

Mould spores float freely in the air, and if they land on a damp spot where there’s enough dust for them to feed on, mould growth will soon follow. If the conditions are right, your carpets can become a breeding ground for mould and mildew.

However, regular cleaning keeps carpets clean and dry, preventing mould and mildew from growing.

To Eliminate Bad Smells

Old and dirty carpets can smell awful. Their absorbent properties mean they can hold onto pungent smells from stains, food, pet hairs and smoking. You can’t get rid of them by vacuuming, and air fresheners will only mask the odours for a short while.


Carpet Cleaning Methods

The best way of cleaning a carpet is to call in professionals who employ a variety of approaches to get the desired results. They include:

Carpet Cleaning Methods

Steam Carpet Cleaning

This is one of the most popular carpet cleaning methods and is also referred to as hot water extraction. High-pressure equipment propels a mixture of hot water and cleaning agents into the carpet. The process loosens grime and dirt that often lurk unseen in carpet fibres and extracts any stains.

Note that while steam is visible, it is the water that is doing the cleaning.


  • Gives a thorough clean as hot steam penetrates to the bottom of carpets. This removes mould, bacteria and even the most challenging and most stubborn stains.
  • High-temperature vapour kills bacteria and other germs without the use of toxic chemicals.
  • Steam carpet cleaning is 100% eco-friendly.
  • Quick drying times of between two to four hours because of the small amount of required water that is used.

Dry Carpet Cleaning

A motorised counter rotating brush machine applies powdered cleaning compounds with

absorbent properties to the carpet. They penetrate deep into the fibres and work like micro-sponges absorbing the detritus. After a short while, the powder and dirt are sucked up by a powerful vacuum cleaner. No water is used.


  • The fastest way to clean carpets. Since no water is used, there is almost no drying time, so carpets can be walked on immediately after cleaning.
  • Dry carpet cleaning is suitable for carpets with delicate fibres. There is no forced brushing or rubbing, which can cause irreparable damage.
  • No leftover detergents.
  • Long-lasting results.

Carpet Stain Removal

Have you spilled ink, grease, wine or nail polish on your carpet? Don’t panic, and don’t throw your carpet away. Professional carpet cleaners have the know-how and tools to remove stains once and for all. While many people attempt to apply home remedies with white wine, vinegar, lemon juice, and so on, they rarely work. They might also cause permanent damage to the carpet.

Expert carpet stain removal typically involves:

  • Inspection of the stains to determine the best way to tackle them.
  • Scraping away any excess solid material such as food residue, taking care not to damage rug fibres.
  • Application of cleaning detergents. The type of detergent depends on the nature of the stain. For example, dry-solvent spot carpet cleaners work well on fat-based stains, and an enzymatic cleaner is recommended for urine stains.
  • Blotting the remains of the stain away with cold water and a clean, absorbent cloth.


  • Removes stubborn stains that appear too tough to handle
  • Prolongs the life of the carpet
  • Saves money. There’s no need to purchase a brand-new carpet

Carpet Shampooing

One of the oldest and most common cleaning techniques involves using a motorised circular brush to apply foaming cleaning products that are scrubbed into the carpet, agitating dirt and stains. Unlike other methods, it has no extraction cleaning process but relies on vacuuming once the shampoo dries. Shampooing is best suited to a heavily soiled low-cut pile carpet.

Bonnet Cleaning

This is a low-moisture cleaning method. It works by using a rotating machine with a pad attached to it that has been immersed in a mixture of cleaning solutions and carbonated water. The pad is wrung out, so it isn’t dripping wet and absorbs dirt as it passes over the carpet.

Rug Cleaning

Rugs are beautiful additions to any home or office, contributing to a room’s overall look, feel and character. Like carpets, they receive a fair amount of traffic and trap dirt, bacteria, allergens and other pollutants. Unless regularly cleaned, dirty rugs can pollute indoor environments and aggravate allergies and asthma.

Vacuuming will remove large amounts of grit and grime, but some will be left behind. Professional rug cleaning will eliminate pollutants trapped deep down in a rug’s fibres and help to give your rug a better appearance for longer durations.

Almost any type of rug can be cleaned, including Persian, oriental, handmade antique, fur, sheepskin, hair-on hides, coir, sisal, braided and woven rugs.


  • Removes tough stains and spots
  • Restores and protects the original beauty of rugs
  • Extends a rug’s life
  • Improves indoor air quality

Carpet Cleaning Guide Melbourne Victoria

Upholstery Cleaning

Whether through spillages, pet hair and mess, sweat or general usage, furniture upholstery gets dirty as time goes by and loses its appeal and wow factor. Upholstery cleaning will give your furniture a fresh start and improve air quality at the same time.

Professional methods for cleaner, healthier sofas and furniture fabrics typically encompass:

  • Pre-inspection, which includes looking for any areas of concern that may need special treatment.
  • Thorough vacuuming of all upholstered surfaces and cushions.
  • Application of a gentle agitation agent, which starts to lift dirt and pollutants.
  • Spot treatment to remove stubborn stains.
  • Detailed cleaning with hot water and mild soaps. Only a small amount of water is used.
  • Once the cleaning is complete, the fabrics are allowed to dry naturally. Alternatively, they can be dried with a hairdryer or gently buffed with soft, absorbent towels.

Advantages of Upholstery Cleaning

  • Extends the lifespan of your furniture. It is not rocket science. The better you look after your property, the longer it will last. Upholstery cleaning removes dirt, dust and body oils that can stick to the fabric and cause long-term damage.
  • Removes unsightly spots and stains. The danger of a DIY approach is you risk damaging the fabric. A professional cleaning service can remove stubborn stains while protecting your furniture.
  • Your furniture will look showroom new.
  • Gives your furniture a fresher, cleaner smell. From pets treating your sofa as a bed to feasting on takeaway dinners in front of the TV, your furniture goes through a lot. And some odours stick. While you can cover up a few bad smells with air fresheners, the only way to really eradicate them is with a deep clean.
  • Eliminates allergens that can get trapped in furniture material and cause health problems.


How Much Does Carpet Cleaning Cost?

How Much Does Carpet Cleaning Cost?

So how much should you expect to pay to have your carpets professionally cleaned in Victoria? That all depends on what you choose to have done. Factors that affect the cost of carpet cleaning include:

  • Carpet square footage
  • The type of carpet
  • Your home/business premises layout
  • The extent of staining
  • Carpet damages such as discolouration, burns and tears
  • Your location

For carpet cleaning in Victoria, expect to pay in the region of:

  • $25 for an empty bedroom
  • $30 for a furnished bedroom
  • $40 to $60 for empty and furnished living room
  • $10 to $15 for empty hallway/landing
  • $15 to $20 for furnished hallway/landing
  • $3 for a set of stairs
  • $140 to $200 for a three-bedroom house
  • $200+ for larger properties


Looking for A Carpet Cleaner in Victoria?

When you’re searching for a professional carpet cleaning company for your home or business, consider the following factors to select the right one for your needs.

  • What carpet cleaning tools and equipment do they use?
  • Do they offer a guarantee?
  • What are customers saying about them?
  • Are they insured?


By engaging a professional carpet cleaning company, you can look forward to a healthier home and work environment and carpets, rugs and furniture that look as good as new.

Last but not least, you can leave us a comment in the comment section below. Thank you