Carpet Cleaning To Improve Your Health

Top 10 Health Advantages of Cleaning Your Carpets Regularly

Carpet Cleaning To Improve Your Health

If you’re thinking about getting your carpet cleaned, you might be wondering what the health benefits are and if they’re important. While carpet cleaning can make the carpet healthy, it can also keep you and your family healthy and safe. This is why getting a professional help from Best 1 Carpet Cleaning Brisbane for an efficient carpet cleaning job is important.

You’ll find out some top health benefits from our list below:

1. Prevents Mold Growth

You might think mold only lives in dark and wet environments, but it can actually live in your carpet no matter where you have carpet in the home. You’re more likely to have mold in your carpet if you wear your shoes inside and walk across the carpet. Carpet cleaners can get rid of mold and go deep into the fibers to make sure all the spores are destroyed and will not return.

2. Makes Your House Feel Cleaner

Everyone wants to have a clean feeling at home. You can clean the furniture and counters, but the house still might feel dirty if you the carpet is dirty. Dirt can stay inside the fibers of the carpet that cannot be picked up by vacuuming so carpet cleaning is necessary.

3. Improves Air Quality

When your carpet is dirty, germs and grime will be released into the air every time you walk across it. With a clean carpet, no toxins or dirt will be going into the air, so you will have an overall better air quality in the home.

4. Makes Your Home Safer

If you have dirt and mold hiding in the carpet, you and the people you love could suffer from allergies or other respiratory issues that can make you feel sick. You might also suffer from allergies if things like pollen are getting into the carpet and then going into the air as you move around.

Carpet Cleaning Reduce Allergies

5. Boosts Your Mental Health

Many people feel better mentally when they feel like they are in a clean and safe place. If you know that your mental health changes with the way your home feels, you might want to consider getting your carpet cleaned more often. This will ensure you are always feeling your best. It can also take away some of the stress that comes with cleaning yourself.

6. Prevents Dust Mites

A carpet is commonplace for dust mite infestations. The dust can be pushed further into the carpet when you walk across it. Using a carpet cleaner ensures that these pesky creatures cannot burrow into your carpet fibers.

7.Gets Rid of Pollutants

Even if you vacuum and clean often, some pollutants can get into the carpet fibers and stay there. These pollutants can only come out if they are dislodged with warm water and steam used in professional carpet cleaning services.

8. Gets Rid of Bacteria

Bacteria can also stay on the carpet unless hot water is used to pull them out. When carpets are professionally cleaned, water will into the inner parts of the carpet including in between the carpet fibers to pull all the dirt and grime out. It also gets rid of bacteria that can be making you sick.

Water from the steam machine will also push bacteria to the surface of the carpet and then it will be sucked up into the machine. Hot water is also perfect for eliminating germs, pathogens, and bacteria.

9. Reduces Allergies

Allergies can be annoying, especially when you are feeling them inside the home and not just outside. Some allergens can be picked up while vacuuming, but some will remain inside the carpet. Carpet cleaning can get rid of allergens hiding in the carpet like pet dander and pollen.

Pet Stain On Carpet

10.Eliminated Organic Waste

If you have pets or small children, you might have incidents of urine, poop, or vomit being on the carpet. Vacuuming does not do a good job of loosening these particles so carpet cleaning is a better choice if you have organic waste hiding in the carpet fibers.


Carpet cleaning has many health benefits that should be considered when hiring a professional carpet cleaning company. Your home will feel more comfortable and healthier after a good carpet cleaning. You can also have a healthier family with fewer bacteria and fewer allergens hiding on the carpet of your home For more information visit