Top 10 DIY Carpet Cleaning Tips

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Top 10 DIY Carpet Cleaning Tips

Tips To Clean Your Own Carpets

Do It Yourself Carpet Cleaning

Installing carpeting in your rooms is one way to transform a house into your home. Carpets serve to make rooms feel warmer and they have an incredible softness when you walk on them with bare feet. Hence, give a room a look of permanence with the perfect carpet. Use these simple tips to keep it looking sleek and new.

1. Use Baking Soda

Use Baking Soda

Baking soda has historically been used as a deodorizer for a lot of different things. It can freshen up your carpet and get it ready for entertaining. Sprinkle a light layer of baking soda over your carpet. After that, scatter a few drops of your favorite essential oil to make your carpet fragrant and sweet.


2. Fluff it Up With Vinegar

Fluff it Up With Vinegar

The odor of your carpet is an important aspect of maintaining your floor coverings. However, you also want to pay attention to the fluffiness and lushness of your carpet. Also, spritz watered down vinegar on worn and matted sections of your carpet. It will work to loosen fibres and cause them to spring back into formation.


3. Put Caps on Your Shoes

Put Caps on Your Shoes

The wide expanse of a lush carpet is a beautiful thing to behold. However, the weight of shoes and the sharp edges of heels can mar the perfect surface. Apply shoe caps to your shoes to minimize the effect of them. In addition, putting them on when you are already in the house will decrease the amount of dirt and debris you track in.

4. Remove Gum with Ice

Remove Gum with Ice

Chewing gum seems to get everywhere. When the sticky substance ends up in your hair that’s a headache, but in the carpet is a whole other mess. When the gum is still soft and malleable, it clings to fibres and is stubborn. Thus, use ice to freeze it and make it easier to remove.


5. Keep Shaving Cream in Your Cleaning Supplies

Keep Shaving Cream in Your Cleaning Supplies

One of the most common messes to deal with are patches of general dirt. This can show up more distinctly on lighter coloured carpets. This can be caused by a lot of foot traffic, the regular accumulation of dirt or just small, unavoidable accidents. Rub shaving cream into the carpet and let it sit for a few hours. Also, use warm water and general dish soap to clean it and the dirt up.


6. Make Your Own Deep Cleanser

Make Your Own Deep Cleanser


A carpet shampooing machine is expensive enough to rent or buy and that’s without even factoring the cost of the cleanser. Hence, save a little by making your own. Use a good recipe that will be gentle on the carpet’s fibres but also clean efficiently.


7. Never Rub at Stains

Never Rub at Stains

Rubbing away dirt usually works, from washing dishes to cleaning your vehicle but it is less effective when trying to get a stain out of a carpet. Rubbing a stain can work the pigments into the fibres and spread the stain itself. Try to blot at a stain with a clean towel.

8. Use Club Soda to Combat Various Stains

Use Club Soda to Combat Various Stains

You may have heard that club soda will effectively get out wine or beer stain.  The truth is, it is if you do it correctly.  Use a clean cloth to blot the soda onto the stain. Then mix it with white vinegar after that spray it on the stain. Let it dry, after that the stain will evaporate.


9. Heat Up Cooled Wax

Heat Up Cooled Wax

If you burn candles in your home, you likely have to deal with spilled wax. Once it falls, it can harden and weave its way into the carpet’s fibres. Try heating the wax up to make it easier to remove. Place a towel or sheet over the wax. After that, heat it up with a clothing iron. Once it is liquid again, you can scrape it off the carpet with the blunt edge of a butter knife or other straight edge.


10. Deep-Clean on a Regular Basis

Deep-Clean on a Regular Basis

Spot cleaning a carpet to get more obvious stains out is usually sufficient. However, it is important to deep clean your carpets on a regular basis. This will not only fluff them up but will also make them smell fresh.


Carpets are known for being easier to care for than most hard flooring options and past a daily or weekly vacuum and some spot cleaning, there really is not much to do. Use these simple DIY Carpet Cleaning tips to keep your carpet looking fresh and clean.

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