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The Carpet Cleaning Guide

Learn About Carpet Cleaning Services, Processes and Prices

Carpet Cleaning Guide

In this carpet cleaning guide we will cover various aspects relating to the cleaning, maintenance and costs involved to maintain your carpets for year to come.

Carpets come in various colours and sizes, they make our homes comfortable, warm and inviting. However, just like any other part of the house, they accumulate dirt and dust because of their continued use. A thorough cleaning is essential to enhance its beauty and longevity.

What Is Carpet Cleaning

What Is Carpet Cleaning?

Carpet cleaning is the process of cleaning off the dirt(and other organisms like bacteria, fungus and dust mites) from the fibres, using detergent and cleaning equipment. To learn more visit the Wikipedia page for a comprehensive definition.

Why Cleaning Is Important

Whether it is weekly, monthly or after every six months, carpet cleaning is, without a doubt, as important as the carpet itself. Often people find the cleaning process is never as easy as it might seem. You can do the cleaning alone (and save some money) or hire one of the many affordable cleaning companies in your local area. Either way, choosing the right method of cleaning is even more crucial than finding that qualified cleaner.

The importance of cleaning your carpet regularly.

1. The primary reason to clean that carpet is an obvious one; to maintain its original look, feel, and keep it durable.

2. Much like your apartment’s furniture, beautiful rugs are expensive, and no one would fancy replacing them. To protect your investment, you should always strive to keep it clean.

3. Routine cleaning will leave it smelling fresh and pleasant.

4. To get rid of any permanent stains that would otherwise dampen its natural look, you must maintain a habit of regularly cleaning. If your carpet has woollen fibres, its prompt treatment will keep inevitably keep it in an excellent condition for longer.

5. By just sticking to a strict cleaning plan, you will always keep these organisms such as fungi, and dust mites in check.

Types of Carpet Cleaning

About Steam Carpet Cleaning

Steam Cleaning

If you have struggled to keep your home carpet clean, even using the best vacuum cleaner you could find, and the latest detergents, all is not lost. Since all the traditional methods seem to be doing no good it might be time to hire a professional to give your floors a steam cleaning.

What is it?

Often referred to as the hot water extraction method, carpet steam cleaning is an effective way to obtain a deep clean. It is one of the most popular methods used by cleaners today. Hot water mixed with detergents is worked into a carpet then the water and debris is extracted.

How is the process done?

Following this method’s widespread acceptance, steam cleaning equipment is readily available. Many systems can cost upwards of $30,000 while cheaper ones can be as little as $1000. They are affordable, easy to operate and are applicable everywhere.

Hot water is mixed with the detergents in a particular container before it is pumped onto the surface, often at high pressure. Depending on the nature of the carpet, detergents used significantly vary. A synthetic fibre will require alkaline solution while wool or natural fibre will be washed using an acidic solution.

After spraying the solution, the solution including the dirt must be sucked up so that the fibres can dry off. As such, a wet-vac is one of the finest sucking up machines as it does the job impeccably well.

Which equipment is used?

The most common equipment used during steam cleaning are “truck mounted” machines.

Advantages Of Steam Cleaning

  • This method is highly effective as it cleans with higher power than the conventional ones.
  • The fact that hot water containing detergents is used before a thorough sucking off the solution means that it is friendly to all, even the allergic individuals.
  • It applies to all types of carpets.

Disadvantages Of Steam Cleaning

  • It still uses chemical detergents.
  • This method is relatively expensive.
  • Can take longer to dry.


For people whose carpets contain some stubborn stains, this approach is highly effective. No residue, fast drying, and user-friendly, steam cleaning method is perhaps the modern-day cleaning technique.

About Dry Carpet Cleaning

Dry Cleaning

Your homes carpets and rugs ought to be treated to a deep cleaning procedure to remove all dirt and grime. Unlike all the other methods, dry carpet cleaning is an effective method of cleaning  that can be done at home or in the workplace. The systems used here primarily rely on specialized machines to deliver impeccable results.

What Is It?

Dry cleaning carpet method refers to a type of cleaning in which powder is poured over the carpet before the it is vacuumed using a special machine. Specific systems used here are mostly “very low moisture” (VLM) systems and are highly efficient. Unlike steam cleaning, the dry cleaning method uses less moisture.

How is the process done?

This method is highly beneficial since little or no water is used. With no water, it means that less drying time is required. Generally there are three different cleaning methods. They are as follows.

 > Bonnet Cleaning

A small cotton bonnet with the cleaning solution is used to remove the dirt on the carpet’s surface. The cleaning solution is just sprayed on the surface and given a few minutes to settle. The cotton bonnet is then spun from side to side by a machine, collecting and absorbing the dirt. As the process continues, the dirty bonnet is replaced with a new one.

 > Dry Foam

This method requires shampoo and a scrubber. The shampoo is poured and then scrubbed into the carpet in a circular motion to make the bubbles disappear. When scrubbing has been completed, loosened dirt remains on the surface. A special vacuum machine will finally remove the debris, thus cleaning it.

 > Dry Compounding

This method is almost similar to the dry foam method as the absorbent mixture is spread on the surface. A machine will then scrub the mixture into the carpet to allow for easy collection of the dirt. Since the absorbent mixture is wet, it must dry before the vacuum sucks up the dirt together with the cleaning compound.

Advantages Of Dry Cleaning

  • Dries pretty quickly
  • Dry cleaning requires no unique expertise
  • It is frequently meticulous with no stains

Disadvantages of Dry Cleaning

  • Chemicals used can sometimes turn out to be harsh on the carpet
  • Throughout the dry cleaning method, the different cleaning chemicals, and the vacuum must be employed. However, the user ought to possess some particular vacuuming expertise.

Which is best? Check out this youtube video for a comprehensive comparison.

About Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery cleaning is the cleaning of furniture. Many people choose to have a cleaning copmpany clean their furniture using the steam cleaning method. Although this offers surpiore reults many home-owners prefer to do it themselves. Below of some cleaning tips for cleaning your upholstery.

  • First, test the cleaning products and detergents to ascertain if they blend well with the upholstery
  • Mix the solutions in the recommended ratios
  • Remove the cushions
  • Vacuum the surfaces
  • Use the correct brushes to clean the far-to-reach areas while cleaning the upholstery
  • Use the solution to carefully wipe off the dirt on the fabric
  • Let it dry completely

About Rug Cleaning

Rugs enhance the aesthetics of our flooring. Authentic rugs are typically hand-woven and are made of wool, cotton or silk. In their natural state, the rugs are often used to tell a story with distinct patterns often associated with a given country. Cleaning them is important! Rug cleaning is necessary to keep the rug at its original state for longer. That said, below are some of the things one must consider before doing the whole cleaning.

  • Rotate it to avoid any wear and tear associated with its continued usage.
  • Do not expose it on direct sunlight as the beautiful dyes will fade.
  • Regularly vacuum it with care so that it lasts longer
  • Without water or soap, just use a damp cloth to spot clean it in case of any spillages.

Carpet Cleaning Prices

Carpet Cleaning Prices

Carpet cleaning costs vary depending on the needs of a particular house and the service provider.

Most services charge an average of $25 – $45 per room. Variations depend on the size of the room.

Cleaning prices are determined by the service required. Dry cleaning which is the most expensive averages $460 for an average home

While steam cleaning is less costly compared to dry cleaning, at an average of $360 for a home of the same size.

Tips For Finding A Reliable Carpet Cleaner

1. The best source of finding a reliable cleaning company is word of mouth. Ask your friends and neighbours for recommendations.

2. Read reviews on Google, Yellow Pages, Facebook and company websites.

3. Ring around for multiple prices. Sometimes the cleaner will be busy and charge you a higher fee to accommodation your schedule.

We hope you enjoyed our carpet cleaning guide. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact us directly.

Published by Tim Summers from NO1 Carpet Cleaning Melbourne.

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